Overdue update

Yes, I'm a bit behind but I have good reasons (which I will come to in the next post). For now, here's what's been keeping us busy for the remaining weeks of winter in Wanaka. Snowshoeing At the beginning of the season I bought some snowshoes, thinking that all my friends would take off backcountry … Continue reading Overdue update

Winter in Wanaka

And then another two months had passed! Man, life really goes so much faster when you've got a bit of routine in your life. Here's a few of the highlights of our winter in Wanaka so far. Snow Even though everyone keeps telling us this has not been the typical NZ South Island winter, we … Continue reading Winter in Wanaka


We've been living in Wanaka for six weeks now and here's what we've been up to! Daily life Ha, all of a sudden we have a house, and a job, and a two-day weekend again. I think Thomas had a bit of a shock, going back to work after not being employed for exactly a … Continue reading Routine

Loving Lewis

Leaving Okarito, we drove back to the real world where there are things like supermarkets and dump stations and spent a day replenishing our water and groceries supplies. Since Thomas had come off his bike and hurt his hip, we made a last-minute call to change our plan from bouldering at Castle Hill to taking … Continue reading Loving Lewis


Remember how we were pretty happy with our new campspot near Taupo? We loved it so much we pretty much hung around for a whole week! Yep, it's that awesome. This week we also had our clutch replaced and we drove back up north to have our tanks fixed. So now we're ready to take … Continue reading Firsts