Last days

So there we were, back in the van after a three-week break, parked up at the marina in Wellington. It took a while to get used to being back in a small space, not having unlimited internet to keep us entertained and being parked up back to back with other campers again. But before we … Continue reading Last days


As it got closer to Christmas, we had been discussing picking a place to spend a bit more time instead of constantly being on the move. Wellington seemed like a good contender, as it has beach, surf, citylife, and both indoor and outdoor climbing. We parked up at Owhiro Bay, one of the free camping … Continue reading Wellington


How we made our way from Napier down to Wellington, while enjoying some bouldering, hiking and cycling along the way. We realise this must be getting boring to read about, since this is what we do every week, so we’ve added a deadly weapon and a curious possum into the mix this time around. From … Continue reading Kawekas