So we finally made it to Wanaka, which has been high on our list of places to visit ever since we started this trip. On arrival, we did our usual thing, which means walking around town, popping into the local visitors centre and getting a bit of a feel for the place. In the afternoon, … Continue reading Cold!



Equipped with all sorts of new gear, we drove out of Christchurch, keen to get our nature fix after having spent more than a week in the city. We kind of had a look at the weather forecast and there kind of was a good weather window, but to be honest, we were too keen … Continue reading Peel


The thing about vanlife is that everyday jobs are tricky. All those little chores we normally do in between work and dinner are a lot harder if you’re in the middle of nowhere, can’t visit your own GP or dentist or don’t have an address. So we just don’t do them, keep postponing them, tell … Continue reading Errands