Overdue update

Yes, I’m a bit behind but I have good reasons (which I will come to in the next post). For now, here’s what’s been keeping us busy for the remaining weeks of winter in Wanaka.


In case you guys forget: we do work! So work’s been keeping us busy, but the office ain’t too bad


At the beginning of the season I bought some snowshoes, thinking that all my friends would take off backcountry skiing/snowboarding while staying at huts, something my snowboard skills aren’t quite up for yet. So the snowshoes were like a backup plan, a way to get me to that hut as well, so that at least I would be there for the wine and cheese and crackers (yes, that is my idea of backcountry skiing, is that not how it goes?).

Here’s the thing though, despite us definitely having some fun in the snow, there were no overnight skiing trips to be had. Thomas did a few days of backcountry skiing, but mainly at the back of some of the local skifields, being back in Wanaka in time for beer o’clock. So my snowshoes have just been sitting in the garage, begging me for an outing.

Luckily we have been in Wanaka long enough for me to make some awesome friends who, when I say: hey let’s go snowshoeing tomorrow even though it will be 21°C and there is hardly any snow left, immediately say: yes, that sounds like a great idea! So off we went, inventing a new sport which we will call slushshoeing. But to be honest, we also found some nice snow and we had a really great day out.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of 2400px × 788px – Untitled Design

Starting off our snowshoe trip with some very patchy hills but eventually finding nice snow

Isthmus peak

This next mission had been talked about all winter long as well, and Hope’s birthday was the perfect opportunity to actually go and do it. Hiking up Isthmus peak (1385m) for sunrise. Our timing was slightly unlucky as daylight savings had just started, which meant that sunrise was an hour earlier and we had to get out of bed at 3am, BUT it was all worth it when we made it to the top just in time for a spectacular sunrise. And then we went home for coffee and pancakes and then we went climbing outdoors and then home again for beers and then I crashed. It was a good day.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of 2400px × 788px – Untitled Design (1).png

Sunrise hike = lots and lots of photos being taken

Mountain biking

As I  mentioned earlier, I have an Adventure Race coming up, so I need to get some bike training in! Yes, I bike regularly, but that’s on my CX and for this race I am keen to up my MTB skills. Hope and I were lucky enough to have Bike Lounge Wanaka to support us with a couple of MTBs so we were all set! We have been slowly upping the distance of our bike rides as well as the technicality of the trails, and it’s been a lot of fun to get some different kind of trails in on a slightly more suitable bike than the trusty CX! Not sure whether I feel ready to tackle this race (will be around 40km of biking plus 20km of hiking) but we’ll see how it goes :).


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